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Audit and Recovery Services

Vision’s comprehensive Audit and Recovery Service audits your entire network. It highlights areas where organizations will see real cost savings without sacrificing quality of service and without service interruptions. We understand that audits can be daunting and that even the best run organizations can be wary of the process. That’s why we’ve designed our audit and recovery services to do the “heavy lifting” for you.

As part of our typical audit and recovery engagement, we will conduct a complete analysis of all your carrier bills and services including:

  • Local Telephone bills
  • Long Distance Invoices
  • Managed data services
  • Wireless invoices
  • Internet (IP) and VOIP bills

When you engage Vision for audit and recovery, we will resolve all invoice/billing disputes and conduct all tariff investigation directly with your carriers on your behalf.  Including this as part of your broader telecom recovery strategy regularly results in significant credits and refunds.