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Analog Cost Containment

Multisite organizations with 100 or more analog telephone lines are an excellent candidate for a solution that brings savings and efficiencies. Based on a wholesale platform of telecommunications services, customers receive the most competitive pricing available while reducing the time and resources dedicated to managing network infrastructure payments. Vision can do this by:

Consolidating lines onto a single bill and providing enhanced customer service and customer service tools.  This typically results in a 15% - 20% discount on monthly analog costs. In addition, our solution helps save another 10% - 15% in soft costs for a total targeted savings of 25% - 35%. We do this by following a 3 step process:

  • Step 1 – We customize the customer's telecom invoice. The objective is to provide an invoice that can be directly downloaded into an accounts payable system.
  • Step 2 – We provide a secure online portal that provides billing reports as well as ticket creation for troubles, adds, and changes. The portal provides:
    • Standard reporting including inventory reports, variance reports, and zero usage reports
    • Centralized MACDs
    • All customer service activities
  • Step 3 – Vision works directly with the customer to analyze the information captured. For example, Vision can take the data from a line usage report to highlight numbers with little or no activity. This will highlight any unnecessary lines in your company. Vision will run this report on a monthly basis to ensure that you keep your lines at exactly the level you need.
Our Analog Cost Containment solution results in customers having more information and more control over their network services. To many, it’s no longer a management headache and to most, it results in significant cost savings.