Vision Technologies

About Us

Company Overview

Vision Technologies is a privately held corporation located in the heart of New York City. Founded in 1994, our humble beginnings began with providing telecom services to a handful of growing companies. Where many view telecommunications as our expertise, Vision customers will tell you that providing service is where we excel. Vision’s “service first” approach has resulted in a loyal customer base that helped Vision celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2009.

Helping and serving customers is what Vision is all about. We take pride in being the guys under the desks, doing the dirty work, and providing an unparalleled level of service. How we do this runs the gamut. As an Avaya Services Only business partner, we become a customer advocate to ensure your Avaya equipment is maintained and taken care of to your satisfaction and requirements. As a Network Services provider, we provide you with the skill sets necessary to ensure you get the most out of your technology and network dollars. As an IT services organization, we become an extension of your IT Department (and in some cases, we become your IT Department as an outsource). As a cabling specialist, we ensure your cable plant not only meets present needs but those of the future as well. As a true “service first” company, we tailor solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. The common thread in all we do comes down to this – we respond to the needs of loyal customers.

Company Philosophy

Vision founder, John Russo, sums up the Vision experience this way – "We love when an organization chooses to work with us because it’s our chance to show them that the relationship is much more than just customer/vendor. They soon learn that they have gained a partner and advocate who looks out for them. We do this regardless of size or location with agility and ease. Our goal is to take the complexity out of things and provide simple yet complete solutions that truly meet and exceed expectations. When we do our job right, our customers begin to place great deal of value on our loyalty to them. We know we've succeeded when our customers entrust us with more work."

Many of our customers call us “great partners you’ve never heard of” and, over time, many of them introduce us to their colleagues. That loyalty is not something we take lightly. Other times we are called upon to help fix vendor experiences gone wrong.  When we do, we work diligently to fix things first. Once we've done that, we work to build a strong relationship to prevent problems from occurring in the future.  After working with Vision, our customers begin to appreciate that we are truly focused on service and partnership. The result - a long-term, mutually loyal business relationship.

Company Mission

The mission of Vision Technologies is pretty simple – work with good customers, serve them and exceed their expectations, be there for them when we’re done, and when given a new opportunity, repeat. Telecommunications and technology are just a means to do that.