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hNES Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide to you in order to get a quote?

If you have your switch ID, we can provide a budgetary quote using that. In order to provide a firm price, we will need a current Load 22 (LD 22) report from your switch.

Does Vision include PASS in its contracts?

PASS contracts are not necessary when purchasing maintenance directly from Avaya.

If I contract through Vision, who will I call for support?

Avaya will be your first, and only, contact for maintenance and support issues. From the moment an issue arises until it is resolved, Avaya is directly responsible. Vision is here to make sure your experience with Avaya maintenance is a good one. We stand ready to assist with billing issues, records cleanup, recasts, and new services. Having Vision involved costs you nothing. 

Would my contract be with Vision or Avaya?

Vision sells Avaya maintenance contracts, so your contract would be with Avaya. The signature page that Vision will provide is an Avaya Channel Service Agreement. You would sign it and return it to Vision. We would then send it to Avaya for their signature. Finally, Avaya would send an original copy back to you.

Can I work with Vision for services and another Business Partner for product?

Absolutely. Many of our customers have found that maintenance requires a unique focus in order to keep it up to date. Vision can provide that focus while working with Avaya and a Business Partner that is selling product and solutions. 

Who will bill me for services?

As stated above, your contract would be with Avaya. As such, Avaya will bill you.