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Frequently Asked Questions

What will change if I use Vision?

From a day to day standpoint, nothing. Alarms are still received by Avaya, calls for technical support still go directly to Avaya, Avaya's remote engineers and onsite technicians will continue to support you. The only change is that Vision becomes a free resource to you. We stand ready to assist with billing issues, records cleanup, recasts, and new services.

Would my contract be with Vision or Avaya?

Vision sells Avaya maintenance contracts, so your contract would be with Avaya. The signature page that Vision will provide is an Avaya Channel Service Agreement. You would sign it and return it to Vision. We would then send it to Avaya for their signature. Finally, Avaya would send an original copy back to you.

Can I work with Vison for services and another Business Partner for product?

Absolutely. Many of our customers have found that maintenance requires a unique focus in order to keep it up to date. Vision can provide that focus while working with Avaya and a Business Partner that is selling product and solutions.

Who will bill me for services?

As stated above, your contract remains with Avaya. As such, Avaya will continue to bill you.

My company has a customer agreement (master) with Avaya, will it govern a contract through Vision?

Yes. Vision uses an Avaya Channel Service Agreement (CSA) which states clearly that an existing agreement between the customer and Avaya governs the transaction.

Is Avaya maintenance always so complicated?

Like anything, if it is neglected, it can get ugly. Most problems are the result of records errors. These occur for a variety of reasons. The customer removes equipment and doesn't tell Avaya; an upgrade occurs and replaced equipment stays on record; new equipment goes in without maintenance, etc. Vision works to help you clean up your records in order to ensure you are covered correctly. Ongoing oversight will help keep things clean.